Area and Things to see


Experience the summer on the coast of Telemark


The Telemark coast has hundreds of islands and  is a fantastic experience. It abounds in pearls, narrow streets, swimming and sheltered harbors.



Kragerø is a pearl among coastal cities

The special light, the beautiful nature, boats, swimming, cutting farm and narrow streets with a lively atmosphere is what many associate with Kragerø. Here you will find small specialist shops, pubs and restaurants for every taste. The charming wooden houses with manicured gardens. In the middle of town Theodor Kittelsen childhood home. Another place is a statue of Edvard Munch, placed where he painted the world-famous painting "The Sun".





Gea Norvegica Geopark

A European Geopark is an area that shows an important part of Europe's geology. In Telemark we have Scandinavia's only UNESCO Geopark approved extending from the coast and up to Ulefoss and Lunde.




With a canoe in Kragerø

In Kjølebrønd lies the beautiful outdoor area Ramsdalen. Rivers and lakes are appropriate for short excursions and longer trips with accommodation. Tent sites you will find along the sea coast.




Rolling  Stone  Island Jomfruland

Is a popular destination included in the Geo Norvegica Geopark. The island can be reached by ferry from Kragerø, and feel free with the bike. On Jomfruland , as well as on Skatøy there is a wide range of concerts, art exhibitions and other events during summer.




Kragerø Golf / Spa

On Stabbestad, surrounded by forests is Kragerø Golf Course, one of the most distinctive 18-hole courts. It is of international standard  and has good climatic conditions. The course lies at the Quality Spa & Resort Kragerø, one of Scandinavia's finest spa resort.



Svaberg Fishing

Langesund Bay has a good reputation internationally when it comes to fishing. Here are a large number of fish species. Good mackerel fishing in the summer and autumn.




Experiences  in the Mountain Telemark and other activities




As many believe is the most beautiful mountain, towers majestically Rjukan, with its 1883 m .You can enjoy the spectacular view that encompasses more than 1 / 6 part of Norway. Tourist  lodge on top.





Moose  safari in Rauland

Join the guide and driver in an exciting a minibus at dusk. Sign up to Rauland Tourist Office.




Canoeing on Farris

An exquisite nature. Rental of canoes including paddles and vests from Auen Urtegard.




Himalaya Hotel, Skien

Norway's largest outdoor climbing routes klatrepark.74 over 6 trails suitable for both children and adults.





Henrik Ibsen Museum, Skien


Play and learn about Ibsen's life and diktning.Museet is designed for children with children of their own activities.





Medieval churches in mid-Telemark


Bø Old Church, Nes and Sauherad churches and church at Romnes Ulefoss is dated to the period 1150-1180 and is unique and beautiful each in their own way.





Telemark Canal


"Maybe the most beautiful waterway in Europe!" The German boat magazine "Boote"

Telemark Canal - a spectacular waterway. Through peaceful and under the landscape has steep mountains, through narrow gorges and over open seas canal takes you from the coast and all the way to the foot of mountains.





Bungee jump, Rjukan


Take the challenge - a bungee jump from the suspension bridge on Vemok, 84 meters down.





Bø Sommerland


Bø Sommerland is Scandinavia's largest water park. In Bø Summerland, large and small enjoy the paradise of water activities in a safe and pleasant environment.





Skien leisure park


Swimming, climbing, Frisbee Golf, tennis, beach volleyball, activities for children and adults. Get to know all the possibilities and how you can stay in the middle of our fabulous activities areal.